Review: Heritage Farm Smoked Sausage

Here we have fewd in the simplest of forms:  meat that is chopped and emulsified, squeezed into a tube shape, and smoked. Simple? Yes. Tasty? Absolutely. Cheap? You better believe it.  If you aren’t familiar with Kroger’s new in-house brand Heritage Farms, you should check it out, or at the very least check out the smoked sausage.  These things are killer, and they will only set you back less than four bucks for 14 jumbo sized links.  They can be found at any Kroger brand store.  Wichita happens to be loaded with Dillons (our local Kroger chain).  So they are pretty easy to find.

Denny can vouch that we used to think a hot dog is a hot dog.  We even went so far as to buy the Bar-S $1 a dozen dogs for our regular hot dog.  This led to trying the Bar-S smoked sausage.  They were OK, but left much to be desired.  The Heritage Farm smoked sausages however are much better.  The first thing you notice is the things are dripping with juice.  Next is the texture.  They actually have discernible chunks.  Not so much that they could be called an actual sausage, but they are a far cry from a typical hot dog. The best analogy I can think of for these is that they remind us of the Hillshire Farm smoked sausages, just in hot dog size.

There are several ways you can go about cooking these bad boys.  The simplest of course is the microwave.  This is Denny’s favorite as it also happens to be the quickest and easiest way, HO HO.  I’ve cooked them on the grill before and had them turn out great.  Another way to get the grilled flavor without all the hassle of the grill is to just broil the damn things.  A little aluminum foil on a sheet pan will even spare you from having to do any dishes.

And, if you are going to go with a Kroger brand smoked dog you might as well go with the Kroger brand buns, which is just fine for us at about a buck a pack.  Let’s do the math kids.  $4 + $1 + ketchup, mustard, and relish = lunch for days.  Want to make it a party? Just add beer!IMG_20150422_192031189


  1. Kevin

    Not TRUE for heritage farm breakfast sausage. Just recently bought this sausage at Kroger, it’s the worst, fattiest sausages I’ve ever purchased. Quite disgusting. It comes out of the package, white with the high fat content unlike every other sausage I’ve bought that is mostly red. There is so much fat melting off the sausage that I would guess it’s at least %60 fat content. The stuff is just plain nasty.

    1. Fewd Snobs

      Thanks for the comment, Kevin. That’s too bad about the breakfast sausage. The smoked sausage is great, so we are disappointed to hear this. We might still have to give it a try, though!

      1. Alisha Taylor

        My family got Food poisoning from they smoke sausage.

        1. Patricia Harris

          We have been eati g these absolutely wonderful smoked sausages for about 4 years with nary a bad effect to our intestinal tract. Perhaps you didn’t handle them correctly. i.e., left them out etc. Too bad a out your experience.

    2. Lela

      I agree!! The pork sausage is nothing but fat! I’m most angry with the manufacturers for putting this less than human consumption product in the market and angry with myself for not purchasing a better quality item!

    3. louise

      I agree!!! We just opened and cooked 3 pieces of this sausage and its awful. This is the bteakfast type. Going back to the store immediately. Terrible!!!

    4. Gene Williams

      Kevin, I totally agree. The breakfast sausage is the worst I have ever seen. I don’t want any more even if it’s free.

    5. David

      I agree with Kevin. I just cooked some of the Heritage farms breakfast sausage and this is the worst breakfast sausage I have ever purchased. It is so fat filled, the fat starts melting while attempting to make patties. Once cooked, it seems to be little more than gristle and connective tissue. Please don’t feed this to your dog!

    6. Greg Hnylka

      This is the absolute worst sausage I have ever had. Nothing but grease and fat !! Not even worth 79 cents a pound. I wish I could add a picture here. There was enough grease to make French fries !! You have been warned. DO NOT BUY !!

    7. Shirley Lawson

      I bought the Heritage Farm roll Country Sausage. And just made 2 normal sized patties. When I checked the sausage it is like the
      patties shrunk to small size and they were swimming in grease.

      I will not buy this brand anymore because I just bought sausage
      grease and very little sausage.

      Hey do you people (Heritage Farm) really know what you are selling
      to customers that have to stretch a dollar just to eat ?

    8. Sickened

      Was absolutely disgusting , dog food tastes better. I puked it was so nasty. And it wasn’t expired or left out. It’s not even meat, probably just what they scrape off the side of the vat they make it in. Turns into 70% grease. It smells disgusting. Shame on them for even selling it. I wouldn’t feed it to my dog!

  2. Rebecca

    I just found your blog and love it! My kids love this brand of smoked sausage over other brands. They like it sliced and browned a little in the skillet with either baked beans or bbq sauce.

    1. Fewd Snobs

      Thank you, Rebecca, for the compliment and your comments! We love the idea of baked beans or BBQ sauce with these!! Thanks for your thoughts, and we hope you continue to enjoy the site!

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    1. Fewd Snobs

      This is the coolest shit ever. Whatever this guy is on, we want some.

    2. Patricia Harris

      I haven’t been able to find any of the smoked sausages ay any of the 3 Freddiies where I usually shop. Anyone know where I might find them currently?

  4. Garett

    I was so impressed with these sausages. I couldn’t believe they would be of any quality when they are priced dramatically cheaper than the next brand, but they proved themselves to be more enjoyable than some of the expensive brand names! The Kroger brand has yet to fail me and in fact I usually prefer it (I did not realize Heritage Farms is another Kroger brand product before reading your article). Kroger really knows how to build and keep brand loyalty, I must say! 🙂

  5. William

    These smoked sausages are fantastic! Much better than any other dog I’ve eaten. Try rolling these smoked dogs in a flour tortilla (use a tooth pick to secure the dog in the tortilla) and deep fry until the tortilla is golden brown. dip them in your favorite dipping sauce mustard, ketchup, BBQ, salsa, ranch (I prefer honey mustard). you won’t believe how good these are!

  6. David Owens

    I am a big fan of Kroger brand products, but their rolls of Heritage Farms breakfast sausage should be taken of the shelves. It is not fit for human consumption. It looks nasty, tastes nasty and damages the Kroger reputation – in my opinion. I am extremely upset that Sunday dinner was ruined – I use breakfast sausage in my pasta sauce and had sent my son up to get a roll. He came back with a roll of Heritage Farm. The meat (or at least the contents of the roll, doubt it was meat) was white and fried down to about 4 ounces from a one pound roll. It wouldn’t even brown – it just turned gray. It was disgusting and had the consistency of mush. I am rarely displeased with Kroger – but I am livid now.

  7. Toni Phillips

    best sausage I have had in a while. Cooked them in the crock pot on low for 4 hours with bbq sauce during the football game. They were delicious.

  8. Sandra Burks

    What I kind of like the pork sausages and pretty good I like to try and different recipes we are entitled to our own opinion

  9. Alisha Taylor

    My whole family got Food poisoning after eating they smoked sausage. I will never buy they products again

    1. Cindy

      The breakfast sausage roll makes delicious sausage gravy-the best I’ve ever tried!

  10. Rutherford

    I found this page looking to see if anyone else had the same experience with heritage farm breakfast sausages…looks like it’s unanimous. They are the most disgusting piece of “meat” i’ve ever had.

  11. Jimbo

    So to clarify here folks:

    The Breakfast Sausage is NOT what they reviewed here, and seems to be gross.

    The normal hot dog lookin sausages depicted here is what we’re talking about.

    and we’re also saying they’re good. The wife won’t stop buying them, and I rather enjoy them on the grill. Again, NOT THE BREAKFAST VERSION.

  12. Gary

    I agree with ALL the negative comments. Nastiest sausage I have ever cooked. More fat in skillet than meat. Needless to say, it went from skillet to trash can.

  13. Greg Hnylka

    This is the absolute worst sausage I have ever had. Nothing but grease and fat !! Not even worth 79 cents a pound. I wish I could add a picture here. There was enough grease to make French fries !! You have been warned. DO NOT BUY !!

  14. Mary Coleman

    this is the worst sausage ever I wouldn’t even call it sausage it’s more fat than anything it is absolutely horrible how can Kroger sell a product like that it’s not even fit for a dog

  15. Marty Randall Kirby

    I tried these(then ones in the picture) hoping they’d replace the more expensive Earl Campbell’s hot links. The price is right. They look like long hot dog. If you eat them straight out of the package, they definitly have some nice sausage flavor in them, but they have massive chunks of fat that makes them a little strange. I put a couple in the microwave and that really didn’t help. The outside skin/tubing just taste like a hot dog skin. After all the fat drained away, it was an aweful thing to be hold. It was a hotdog, the ends of it came apart, and if felted and tasted like a hotdog tube with a couple bits of sausage in it that you could feel rolling around in it with the grease. Yuk! I’m gonna give’em another try, but odds are our dog will be finishing these up.

  16. Char

    I have never tried the BREAKFAST sausage; that said, we love the SMOKED DINNER sausage. Never had a problem with it at all…we find it much less greasy than other brands. We have used it for grilled hot dogs, in soups and anything else you would use smoked sausage for… love the flavor. My problem is finding any of it right now….:(

  17. Mateo Ekola

    I love these sausages,I discovered them a couple years ago here at payless supermarket (kroger) in Lafayette Indiana. But recently they are not in stock,not sure if you discontinued them or if its because of covid19? Hopefully they return soon,I had to switch to Bar-S.


    Breakfast sausage was so gross my sausage loving granddaughter spit it out, which is a first in her 10 years. Cooked size was about 25% of what it looked like in the package. So ,so much fat . Unbelievable that they can sell something so bad. It actually is some kind of sausage flavored fat according to my tastebuds and eyes. I think what makes some people so sick is their body can’t handle eating the fat content. How can you be proud of this so called breakfast sausage? Most unhealthy thing I ever ate, seriously.

  19. Mark

    Pork sausage is just grease. Thru it away w/o eating. Going to inform Kroger to dump this product!

  20. Sue Carroll

    Was wondering if you can order the smoked sausage they stopped selling it in mansfield ohio and we just love it

  21. JL

    Just bought the ground Country Sausage and it was terrible. It had no flavor and I had to add ingredients just to taste a little spice that sausage normally has. It was also swimming in fat. So Sorry I paid money for this product. Live and learn…

  22. Mark C Rector

    I really miss the availability of this smoked sausage at my local Kroger grocery store so I attempted to purchase online. Everyone else who carried it was UNAVAILABLE!!! Does anyone know when the availability will return?

  23. Sue carroll

    Can you buy an send to my kroger the smoke sausage and the hot dogs?

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