Review: Hardee’s $4 Real Deal (Limited Time Only)

We have a new place in town.  Yes, Wichita has finally gotten a Hardee’s!  We have almost hit the big time now, people.

Denny and Herman have never eaten at Hardee’s.  Imagine that.  Yes, a burger chain that the Snobs haven’t eaten at.  This isn’t right.

With the grand opening of our Hardee’s, we have been watching for what we wanted to review first.  That’s when we saw “The $4 Real Deal.”  We knew what we had to do.  But it isn’t because we wanted to eat at Hardee’s.  No!  It was because we wanted to provide a service to you, our dear readers!  We keep telling you this.  Do you believe us yet?

The $4 Real Deal comes with a double cheeseburger, spicy chicken sandwich, small fries, and a 16oz drink.  For 4 bucks.  Seriously.

This was a natural for our first review, because as we said, it was also the first time we have tried Hardee’s.  We figured the deal would give us the perfect sampling; we get to try the burger, the chicken, and the fries.  Perfect.

This one is worth putting the beer down for.  Yes, we said it.

IMG_20160126_144635857Above, we have our first ever Hardee’s.  Go back and read that again.  Take from it what you will.

We are going to break down and review each item separately.  Why?  Because we have never had Hardee’s.  So, we are going to review each item, and then decide on the value later.


IMG_20160126_144718230We are starting with the fries.  Why?  Because we tried those first.  On the way home.  Go figure.  So these are the fries, minus a few that were eaten on the way home.

Which brings us to our first point.  There are a lot of fries here for a small order.  In fact, Herman checked, and Hardee’s small is bigger than other places’.  Schweet.  Right off, we were happy with the portion.

These are some good fries, people.  They were fresh, hot, and pretty damn cripsy.  Best of all, they weren’t drenched in salt.  You want more? Add it.  We were happy that the fries didn’t have the same flavor as a salt block.

IMG_20160126_144835829The fries have crunch, but they aren’t so crunchy that they break your teeth.  It is a good medium crunch.  There is a heavy potato taste.  Imagine that!  Fries that taste like POTATOES.  There is plenty of potato in them, too.  This is really cool, considering that they aren’t a thick steak fry style.  The fry insides are creamy.  Yes, we know what we just said.

The flavor of the fries is unique.  They don’t taste like other fast food places at all.  And yet, they are just plain fries.  Potatoes and salt.  No seasoning.  No crinkle cut.  No curly crap.  Just good fries.

Get this…these fries are good cold.  They came piping hot, but by the time we took pictures and stuff, they had cooled off.  And they were still great.  Even the couple we found at the bottom of the bag an hour later were still great.  Fries from fast food places usually suck as SOON as they get cold.  We’re looking at you, McDonald’s.

It is also worth noting that Herman ate all his fries.  This never happens.  He usually throws away a few, even in a small size (Fewd Snobs blasphemy!).

The fries pass our test with flying colors.  We are liking this so far.

Double Cheeseburger

IMG_20160126_145159425Let’s get right to it…the burger itself is excellent.  We don’t know exactly how Hardee’s cooks its burgers, but the logo says “charbroiled.”  We believe it.  The first flavor that hits when biting into this sucker is the charred flavor.  It’s heavy, and it is badass.

IMG_20160126_145404680This is one of the few fast food burgers that actually taste like burger.  It even LOOKS like a burger.  The patties are a decent size for a value burger, too.

We can only imagine what Hardee’s Thickburgers are like.  Must try soon.

IMG_20160126_145248790Take a look.  Awesome.  The burger comes with chopped onions, mustard, ketchup, pickles, and cheese in the middle of the two patties.  The toppings complement the burger perfectly.  They do not overpower.  Excellent blend.  The bun is a standard sesame bun, but it is very good.  It has a nice, even flavor that doesn’t take over.  In other words, there isn’t too much bread.  Herman likes sesame seed buns, so he’s happy here.  Also, notice the bottom bun is about as big as the top.  That’s cool.  Most places have the bun sliced to where the bottom part is too thin.

Overall, not only is this a great burger, but it is a great burger for a smaller menu item.  This isn’t a Thickburger, just a regular burger.  Also note that this is on the regular menu for a couple of bucks.  In this deal, you are getting it for a buck.  Yes, it is just a double cheeseburger.  But for once, we have here a burger where the meat is the star, and not the toppings.  Winning.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

IMG_20160126_144925819The closest thing to compare this to, for those that haven’t had it, is a McChicken.  It is about the same size.  It has mayo and shredded iceberg lettuce.

The toppings were good.  We prefer iceberg to that leaf shit.  The toppings blended well with the chicken.  Again, we like the sesame bun.

The chicken patty is chopped and pressed, then battered and fried.  About what you would expect for a value chicken sandwich.

IMG_20160126_145013063Unfortunately, the only thing about this meal that wasn’t that great was the chicken.  Don’t get us wrong.  It was decent.  The problem was that it was not fresh.  It was kind of chewy.  It was also a little dry.  The outside wasn’t crispy at all.  We are convinced the problem was that the chicken wasn’t fresh.  We suspect that patty would be pretty damn good if it had been fresh.  Again, we have nothing to compare to because we have never eaten at Hardee’s before.  It could be good.  Maybe next time, it will be.

IMG_20160126_145059705This is supposed to be a SPICY chicken sandwich.  You can see a reddish spicy color in the pic above.  Also, the patty looks peppered, or something.  And yet, there really wasn’t much spicy flavor at all.  There was barely any pepper flavor, let alone spicy.  It was basically like a regular chicken sandwich with pepper.  We kind of detected some spice after a while, but we aren’t sure if that is just because we know it is SUPPOSED to be spicy.

Overall, this sandwich wasn’t BAD.  It just wasn’t that spicy, and it certainly wasn’t fresh.  If Hardee’s gives out fresh chicken, it might be a winner.

Note that this sandwich is NOT on the regular menu.  It appears that the sandwich is available only in this meal deal.

In terms of value, this one can’t be beat, people.  You get two sandwiches, fries, and a drink for 4 bucks.  It is DEFINITELY worth it.  It beats all of the competition right now.  It seems like every place is offering $3-5 meals these days (more on this in another article).  Hardee’s has them all beat by miles.

To summarize, this is a great meal at a great price.  We were pleasantly introduced to Hardee’s.  We WILL be getting this meal again, and we will be trying out the rest of the menu soon!


  1. Christopoher

    Hardee’s regular chicken sandwich is superb. You should try it.

  2. Bonnie

    The hardees in. Conway sc is in need for some serious help no one on the counter no one at the drive-thru Pitbull…


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