Review: Freddy’s Fish & Chips Basket

It’s that time of year again where every food place has a fish sandwich.  Some are here for only a limited time.  Others are permanent menu items, but are being featured.  Whatever your reasons for partaking, now is a good time for some fish.

We love fish.  So, we are pretty happy with fish being everywhere.  We came across Freddy’s Fish & Chips Basket, and our next review was born.

Freddy’s full name is Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers.  It was born in our hometown of Wichita, KS.  It is a pretty new place; it opened up in 2002.  Freddy’s now has over 150 locations across the US.  Pretty impressive growth, we think.  So, while it may be considered a regional chain, there are plenty of locations all over the country.  Nice.

Freddy’s is a place that we have gone to for years, but only once in a while.  We don’t know why.  Every time we eat there, we think, “Why the hell don’t we eat here more often?”  Some questions have no answers.  “Why does our beer keep running out?”  Another question with no answer.

Fish is back at Freddy’s.  It is here for a limited time, although Freddy’s doesn’t specifically say that.  It lists under “Featured Favorite.”  Good enough for us.

Freddy’s fish is being offered as a sandwich, or as a basket.  Sandwiches are everywhere.  Meh.  But, baskets o’ fish aren’t something that everybody has.  So we are doing the basket, people.  We are unique, you see.

Off to Freddy’s we went.  And we got home with this.

IMG_20160216_115214153Greasebag.  No, we are not calling it names.  It’s a greasy bag, people.  Don’t be negative; grease is good, dammit.

IMG_20160216_115359548We bought the Fish & Chips basket to go.  So, we didn’t get a basket.  Disappointed?  Yes.  But hey, whatever.  The meal came with three pieces of fish, fries, a drink, and two Heinz tartar sauce packets.

For those of you that may not have eaten at Freddy’s, we are going to talk about the fries first.  Freddy’s fries are little shoestring-style fries.  They are very thin, and pretty crispy.  They are best eaten fresh.  We’re talking right out of the fryer fresh.  They don’t last.  Once they are cold, they are like little sticks of hard cold grease.  We aren’t bitching though.  The quantity is pretty sweet.  Freddy’s meals come with a “regular” size fries.  You get a cup of them like you see above.  If you eat in, they load a basket full of the fries.  You can buy a large size, also.  There is really no need.

Freddy’s also has two signature sauces for the fries.  The regular is similar to a Thousand Island dressing.  It seems to be mayonnaise based.  There is also a spicy version.  The spicy version ROCKS.  Get some.

OK.  Now that we are done with that stuff, on to the fish.

IMG_20160216_115453763Like we said, we got the fewd to go, so we didn’t get a basket.  We got a cup.  A cup o’ fish.

IMG_20160216_115552775_HDRWe made it into a plate o’ fish.  Notice how nice and golden the fish is.  But they aren’t goldfish.  No.  Need more beer…

IMG_20160216_115955800The fish is cod.  You can see in the pic above that the pieces are real fish.  This isn’t the chopped, pressed, and put back together stuff.  These pieces are real.

The batter is nice and crispy.  It was fried very well to a perfect golden brown.  There is a nice crunch.  Yes, it is a little greasy.  OK, maybe a lot.  But everything at Freddy’s is greasy.  And that’s good.  We like it.  You want healthy?  Go to Whole Foods.  This is Fewd Snobs fewd, people.

The fish is nice and flaky.  It is moist and juicy.  It was not overcooked.  The fish doesn’t smell like fish.  That’s a good thing.  It is good quality fish cooked right.  Amazing!

Overall, the quality of the fish is very high.  The taste is excellent.  The quality of the fish is much higher than what most fast food joints offer.  We like it.  Win!

Now, on to the problems.

The woman at the counter offered us vinegar or tartar sauce.  We went with the tartar sauce.  You can see in the picture that they gave us to Heinz tartar sauce packets.  What the hell?  Freddy’s makes its own fry sauce.  In fact, Freddy’s bottles it and sells it!  But, they serve packets of tartar sauce??  Is it that big of a deal?  No.  But damn, we would have liked a fresh homemade sauce to go with fish of this quality.  Damn, that makes us sound like actual snobs.  But seriously, packets struck us odd.

We can overlook the sauce problem, though.  It’s not a deal-breaker.

The real problem with this is the quantity of fish.

You can see in the cup above, there isn’t much fish.  Period.  The pieces are very small, and only three pieces come with the meal.  We aren’t even the fat bastards we used to be; we eat much less.  We’re health-minded, you see (cough cough, um…yeah…ok).  But having said that, the meal was more like a snack.  It might be enough for lunch, but barely.  There just needs to be more fish, people.

The meal ran us $6.99.  The price is fair, we think.  We can’t bitch about the value.

We found out that you can get a four-piece meal for $7.99.  We think that would be the way to go.  It is high quality fish.  It is worth the cash.

Like we said, there is also a sandwich available.  Check out all the options on Freddy’s website.

Overall, we like it.  We would get it again.

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