Review: Farm Rich Pepperoni Pizza Roll-Ups (New)

The Fewd Snobs are big fans of Farm Rich products.  We find them to be damn good.  From the mozz sticks to breaded mushrooms, we eat the stuff up.  Makes great drunk fewd, too!

So, while browsing for new article ideas, we came across the new Pepperoni Pizza Roll-Ups from Farm Rich.  It took us about 10 seconds to decide what the next review would be.

It seems to us that Farm Rich must have a good marketing/idea department.  Often, new stuff is introduced.  The new items are usually creative, and not something you would normally think of.  The new stuff may not be something you buy constantly, but it reminds you how good Farm Rich is.  You’ll be back for the standards like mozzarella sticks and mushrooms.  That’s what we do, anyway.

Which brings us to these.  What is a Pizza Roll-Up?  It isn’t really a pizza roll.  They are very different.  So get this…the wrap itself is made out of a tortilla!  This struck us as interesting.  This is what really sets these apart from other pizza snacks.  The pizza innards are rolled in a flour tortilla.  Tortillas don’t make us think of pizza.  At all.  This is very different, you people.  This is what really caught our eyes.  Let’s check ’em out, shall we?

IMG_20160121_145614550The box comes with 7 roll-ups, and a packet of marinara sauce.  Yes, there are 7.  One is evidently hiding in our picture!

IMG_20160121_145442119Check out the instructions for cooking above.  We went with the oven method, because 16 minutes isn’t that long.  And we figured these would probably come out best in the oven.  Stuff like this usually does.  But we are usually too impatient to wait!

The marinara sauce is easy to do.  6-8 minutes in hot water.  Easy enough.

We put these suckers on a tray, and cooked them for the full 16 minutes.

IMG_20160121_151905633After 16 minutes, we had what you see above.

We were looking at the roll-ups and thinking that each looked different.  They weren’t all the same size.  Then we realized why!  Right on the front of the damn box it says, “Handmade!”  Imagine that!  We’re smart, eh??  Not enough beer…

IMG_20160121_152102851Looks like an appetizing snack, no?

IMG_20160121_152131459Extreme closeup, people!

IMG_20160121_152222686You can see we have the crust, and pepperoni wrapped around the mozzarella cheese.  Yummay.

First off, they crisped up in the oven.  But they weren’t crunchy.  You wouldn’t expect that with a tortilla, though.

16 minutes was perfect.  The rolls didn’t burst.  When we bit in, the cheese was melty and stringy, for the most part.

The first flavor that hits is the tortilla, although it doesn’t really taste like a tortilla.  You get the flavor of bread/crust/tortilla/whatever first.  Then, the cheese and pepperoni hits.

The pepperoni was pretty standard.  No complaints.  There is enough of it, but we wouldn’t mind more.  The taste is certainly there.

The grease from the pepperoni soaked into the tortilla, and believe it or not, it was good.  We liked the extra flavor that it created.

The mozzarella was good stuff.  There was plenty of it.  It has a distinct flavor.  Nice.

The marinara sauce was pretty standard, but very good.  It had a nice consistency, and an even flavor.  Not too tart, but not sweet.

A box of 7 ran us $4.98.  The jury is still out on the cost.  We are having a hard time deciding if this is a good value.  The goofy part is that if there were 8 in the box, we could see the 5 bucks.  You could split it up; 4 for you and 4 for me.  Or two snacks of 4 each.  The odd number of 7 holds us up.  It seems kind of strange to put 7 in a box.  On the other hand, they are a decent size.  And the quality is certainly there.  So, it’s probably worth the cost.

Overall, we really liked these.  The flavor mix is excellent.  They would make a great snack for any occasion.  That said, we probably wouldn’t bother to get these again.  We would probably go with pizza rolls.  If we were to only pick Farm Rich products, we’d go with the mozzarella sticks.  The roll-ups are kind of a novelty.  We recommend trying them, but we just wouldn’t get them a second time.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?  Let us know what you think below.


  1. mary vidal

    I bought 4 boxes of new pizza roll ups n two boxes were not right. One had no sauce n the other only 5 pizza rolls ups I hope someone contact me about this problem..I have ups codes of boxes..I love the product ..just want what I paid for.
    Please contact me thru email
    Mary Vidal

  2. Birchgrl

    I love these but im quite upset that when they first came out yes.. there were 7 in a box. Now… only 6. Same price too.
    The boxes that said “new” on the top had 7 rolls.
    Now that they’ve been out for a while there are only 6.

    Nice way to rope people in!

    I spent my time going from store to store just looking for the boxes that said “new” so that I would get 7 rolls!!!!

  3. Lisa

    We will never buy these again. After I put them in the microwave for the right time, the pepperoni was brown. Looked like steak-ums. We put them in longer and still brown. So we baked the rest in the oven. Did not look like pepperoni at all. Throw the whole box away.

  4. chris

    Is Farm Rich going to come out with another pizza product soon? The pizza slices were great, then they were cancelled for the pizza roll-ups, now they have been cancelled in all retailers in my area. Farm Rich makes great pizza products. Please make another one soon.


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