Review: Equate Dual Action Acid Reducer Complete

So we are sitting here, trying to decide what to write about.  Absolutely nothing that we can eat and review sounds good to either of the Fewd Snobs.  We have been writing on little to no sleep, and have been drinking coffee for hours.  Nothing sounds good, and our stomachs are pissed off anyway.

So what pops into our heads??  Stomach pills!!

We have wanted to review these for a while, and this is the perfect time.

Any Fewd Snob knows that there are times when the stomach is just pissed off.  It could be because you ate too much fewd!  Or maybe not enough fewd.  Sometimes you drink too much coffee and not enough beer, or too much beer and not enough fewd.  Whatever the case, something is needed.  And we have found the magic pill every Fewd Snob needs.

When you fight with your stomach for any of the listed reasons, or if you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux, the natural thing to do was reach for a Tums.  Tums are swell, but they are like throwing a pebble into the ocean (Terri’s Tips, coming soon!!)  Tums helps for ten minutes, and then you chew more Tums.  And then more.  It doesn’t last.  And they taste like chalk.  Then, Pepto Bismol was an option.  Pepto has some nasty side effects for some people, and again, it doesn’t last.  Sure, there is Prevacid and Nexium over the counter now, but these take days to work.  Plus, they need to be taken for an extended amount of time.  So what is a suffering Snob supposed to do??

Enter Equate Dual Action Acid Reducer Complete.  Equate is Walmart’s house brand.  These are Walmart’s version of Pepcid Complete.  Let us get this out of the way now…Pepcid Complete is awesome.  But Fewd Snobs spend money on fewd and booze.  We save a few bucks where we can, and the Equate version is just as effective (but please sponsor us still, Pepcid!  We are looking for our first pharmaceutical endorsement!)

According to Walmart’s website, a bottle of 50 chewable tablets goes for about ten bucks.  For those of you that suck at math, that’s 20 cents per tablet.  A 20 cent fix sounds pretty good to us.

The med starts to work as soon as it is chewed.  The bottle says to not take more than 2 tablets in a 24 hour period.  These will make you feel better right away, and the relief lasts for 12 hours.

This is a wonder-drug for Fewd Snobs.  It is essential.  It MUST be in the medicine cabinet (or next to the pizza, Tabasco, on top of the beer fridge, and so on!)

Herman’s Thoughts:  These things really are miracle pills.  Take it from me.  I used to have constant problems with heartburn, specifically. I tried the usual remedies (Tums, Prilosec, etc.)  They were band-aid fixes at best.  These things actually work, and the relief is instant. They work so well that I keep several bottles around the house and at work.  I used to wake up with heartburn all the time.  Now I just pop one of these bad boys.  Problem solved.  And you don’t even need water to take them!

Denny’s Thoughts:  Herman told me about these, and I am glad he did.  I get what I call “coffee stomach.”  After too many cups, I feel like I am swimming in acid.  Also, if I eat something like pizza right before going to sleep (or passing out!) I would end up with some reflux.  None of this is condusive to the Fewd Snob way of life.  These completely fix the problems.  I sometimes just chew one first thing in the morning, and I have no problems the rest of the day.  Add these to your arsenal.  These are Fewd Snob essentials.


  1. Craig Cannon

    I think you guys had stomach issues due to an unmentionable Monday through Friday 8 hour life sucking requirement! You’re going to have to give us an update in six months to see if you are still reaching for the Equate!

  2. RobertfuP

    Regards people, Your Astella 8 *.

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