Review: Doritos Poppin’ Jalapeno (Limited Time Only)

By now, you all know that Herman likes to browse the grocery store.  Constantly.  He is always somewhere that sells groceries.  And he walks the aisles looking for stuff that catches his interest.  He always finds something.

So, he was browsing the other day, and came across Poppin’ Jalapeno Doritos.  Naturally, he picked up a bag and showed them to Denny.  And so, we have our latest review.

Herman was drawn to these Doritos because he figured they would taste like jalapeno poppers.  You know what those are, right?  Those breaded and fried jalapenos with cheese or cream cheese.  Herman hates the cream cheese ones, but loves the regular cheese kind.  Denny doesn’t care.  He only eats them when drunk.  Anyway…he assumed they would taste like poppers.  More on that later.

We did a little research (because we are researchers, after all) and discovered that this flavor was out a while back.  Then, it went away.  Now, Doritos has brought them back for a limited time only.  This is why it doesn’t say “new” on the package, just limited time.  Go figure.

We cracked open the bag…

IMG_20160107_150612951And there you have it.  They are yellow in color, with specs of seasoning.  Some chips have lots of seasoning; others don’t have as much.

Let’s take a closer look.  Why?  Cuz.

IMG_20160107_150633398Let’s start here…these do NOT taste like jalapeno poppers.  It quickly became clear to us that the name is just that; it is a name.  The “poppin'” must refer to the fact that the jalapeno flavor “pops.”  Because they absolutely do NOT taste like poppers.

Denny’s Thoughts:  Look, I didn’t think that these would taste like poppers based on the name.  I figured that the word “poppin'” was just to describe the flavor.  I don’t know what the hell Herman was thinking.  I am guessing his thoughts were scrambled because of the mass amount of drinking that he does.  But anyway…

OK, back to it.

The chips taste like jalapeno and cheese.  The dominant flavor is fresh jalapeno.  Go figure, right?? There is also a nice cheese flavor.  It isn’t the same cheese flavor as the Nacho Cheese Doritos.  It is different.

Basically, the chips taste like cheese and fresh jalapeno.  It kind of reminds us of eating a plate of Nachos, minus all the other stuff.  If that makes sense.  No?  Well, whatever.

There is a heat with these suckers that builds.  After you eat enough, you feel it.  But, it isn’t killer.  There is just enough heat to make them interesting, but not enough to make you wish you hadn’t bothered.

Unlike many flavored chips, we think these can go with other foods like sandwiches.  We could even see pairing these with a dip, or even salsa.  Also unlike other novelty chips, we could eat the whole bag in a sitting.  The flavor is pleasant, and not too heavy.

Proving our point, we had Dr. Craig Cannon (guest and friend of “The Denny and Herman Show”) taste them.  He took out a quarter of a bag in about 5 minutes.  Thanks, Dr. Cannon.  Now we don’t have any fewd left!

We are fans of these Doritos.  We would definitely buy them again (in fact, Denny already has).  We only wish that these would be added as a regular flavor, and not just for a limited time.

It’s hard for us to like stuff.  You win this time, Doritos.  Buy some now.


  1. AstroNerdBoy

    I want these to become a permanent fixture of the Doritos lineup. I did try them with a sub sandwich and they went together quite well.

  2. Gretchen

    I want those, went to look for more and there are no more… sad! BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!

  3. Linda Sanchez

    I hope they make the jalapeño pop pins one of the regular selections. I tried the salsa verde,but they are not as good. I am hispanic and I love spicy.

  4. Gary Huff

    I am very disappointed in these chips. The fake cheese is ok but the lack of Jalepeno makes it a loser.

  5. Quanda Blackman

    I like the Poppin jalapeno Doritos, they became my favorite out of all the doritos flavors.

  6. Carla

    Love the Poppin Jalapeño flavored doritos! My daughter (8 years old) and I eat them. My husband loves the spicy ones. Keep them coming! Thanks.

  7. Àaron

    My wife is from Honduras. And when I go there I always bring back a bag or two of their spicy nacho Doritos because they have a hint of jalepeno. That is almost exactly what these tast like whichakes me happy. My sister in law is bringing me some more Doritos from Honduras and I’ll do a side by side test

  8. Vanessa

    Best flavor they’ve EVER made and it hurts my heart that they’re officially discontinued 🙁

  9. vfffff

    hey boomers

  10. chassse

    hey baby boomer


  11. Candis Neil

    Love those things! Sad not to find them anymore. Favorite chip!!!! Doritos Poppin’ Jalapeno .


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