Review: Doritos Loaded Breaded Cheese Snacks (New)

Herman was wandering through Wal-Mart the other day, and he stumbled on the new Doritos Loaded packages on a freezer end cap.  It didn’t take long after telling Denny about them to realize that we had to go to the store and get these.  Doritos and frozen cheese bites put together.  Sounds like a place made for Fewd Snobs.  We sobered up, and off to Wal-Mart we went.

The store in our area is carrying two kinds of the Doritos Loaded snacks.  There is Nacho Cheese, and there is Jalapeno & Cheese.  They are being featured as a new product at our store.

We did a little research on these, as we always do, to keep you informed.  We should be winning journalism awards any minute now, don’t you think?  Anyway…these were evidently first sold at 7-Eleven stores back in July of 2014.  Our friends at Brand Eating have a review. Check it out here.  It seems they were sold at Burger King for a while, although they may only have been sold in test markets.

It is time for the Big Leagues, kids.  Because now they are being sold in the freezer section of your grocery store.

But here is where it gets a little strange; we checked on Frito Lay’s website, and we can’t find ANY information on them.  They do not appear on the website at all.  So, we can’t tell you anything else about them.  We wanted to know if there were any other flavors.  Strange.

In any case, we took our packages (HO HO!) home and got ready to cook them up.  Here is where it gets a little strange again.

Usually, breaded frozen snacks like these can be microwaved.  Yes, yes, we know…microwaving sucks.  But at the same time, the type of person that eats this kind of stuff isn’t usually happy with waiting (be honest, college kids and bachelors!).  The box explicitly says, “Not for microwave preparation.”  Again, this struck us as kind of odd.

So, microwaving isn’t an option.  There are instructions for regular oven and toaster oven cooking.  Mmk then.

We put ’em in the regular oven.  It takes 12 minutes to cook 8 pieces at 450 degrees.  This isn’t exactly convenient.  Not really at all.

Here is what they look like out of the package:

IMG_20150917_135635952The Nacho Cheese ones are on the left, and the Jalapeno & Cheese are on the right.  Can you see the difference?

So we put the little suckers in the oven, and waited.  And waited some more.  Still waiting.  STILL WAITING!!  YES, WE ARE SHOUTING!

…and 12 minutes later:

IMG_20150917_141033456When we test stuff like this, we usually go for what the directions say.  The directions said 12 minutes.  Well kids, 12 was too long for the Nacho Cheese bites.  The cheese exploded all over the pan.  The Jalapeno & Cheese ones held up much better.

We need to make this clear before we yap any longer…we are going to review these together because they are identical except for ONE thing.  Can you guess what it is??  One kind has jalapenos!  That’s it!  That’s the ONLY difference.  So, we aren’t breaking them down separately.

Let’s start with the size, because it does matter.  These are about twice the size of a typical pizza roll.  They are reasonably thick.  And that is good, because there are only about 16 in a package.  Not bad.  We each had 4 of them to test, and they filled us up pretty well for a snack.

Now, on to the breading.  The breading appears to be breadcrumbs based.  You can see other bits in there, too.

IMG_20150917_135653494And cooked…

IMG_20150917_141113971Overall, the breading had a good flavor.  It had a slight crunch to it, but it was very slight.  Herman would like it to have more crunch.  Denny doesn’t mind the way they are.  He likes stuff like this to not be as crunchy.

There is a Doritos Nacho Cheese flavor to the breading, but it is mild compared to the regular chips.  Still, it is certainly there.  You can identify it.  It probably is strong enough for a snack like this; if the taste were as strong as the chips, it might overpower the cheese flavor.

There is plenty of cheese in each bite (or snack, or whatever you want to call them).  As we mentioned earlier, the 12 minute cook time the directions say was too much for the regular Nacho Cheese ones.  Some of them had virtually no cheese left in them.  Others were fine, and looked like this:

IMG_20150917_141538476Now, the innards of the Jalapeno & Cheese:

IMG_20150917_141206845The cheese had a nice and balanced flavor.  Check this out…according to the ingredients, these suckers have American, cheddar, and Romano cheeses.  Not bad.  Nice flavor.  It doesn’t taste too “fake.”

Again, the only difference between the two flavors is the jalapeno.  And there IS some kick to the jalapeno ones!  It is enough that you WILL know it is there.  We thought it was just enough, but not too much.  Stay away from these if you don’t like heat.  You were warned.

We like both flavors.  They both have a nice flavor, they are decent in size, plenty of cheese, and so on.

The price for a package was about 5 bucks.  There are 16 in a package.  The price is debatable.  On the other hand, these things will fill you up more than other similar snacks.  So, you do your own math.

Overall, we think both Doritos Loaded are pretty good.  We would be happier if they didn’t take as long, but it is hard to bitch about that too much!  We recommend them.  Try them.  Let us know what you think below.


  1. Lisa Jordan

    I saw these at Walmart and had to have them. I like my snacks crunchy so I deep fried them for about 2 minutes. OMG!!! Delicious! Full of flavor & full of cheese! Best snack ever!!! I love these

  2. ekat99

    These were just meh. They didn’t really taste anything like doritos. They weren’t bad but they didn’t WOW me.
    I am curious what the cool ranch doritos would taste like if they released them in this form.

    1. Brose

      Just had the Cool Ranch version, not had at all. I recommend.

      1. Debi

        Just had the Cool Ranch. Absolutely no cheese!!! WTF?!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Dominick DeFilippo

        Yowsa! Might be one a the worst freezer snacks ever.. Left two out for the varmints last night, still in the bowl.

    2. Wanda Toler

      I have tried the Ranch ones, my problem is I forgot where I bought them. I have looked in Wal-Mart and Food Lion where I normally shop and can not find them. My husband thought the were GREAT, so I would love to be able to buy again if I could find them.

  3. Anonymous

    Next time if you don’t want them to leak out all the filling put them in for 10 minutes instead of 12

    I’d try these… Tried them at 7 11 back in 2014 (yes they sold them in 7 11 stores before, but already prepared, not frozen)

    1. ed

      cooking for 10 min instead of 12? blasphemy. we have to blindly follow the exact directions and get mad if it turns out bad. got to remember that were in america, where common sense is rarer than a good looking girl playing world of warcraft

  4. yaliblu

    Just came across your site today – great work! I also came across Doritos Loaded today, and decided to try the jalapeno and cheese. I really liked them and think they’re good for an occasional snack. I agree with a comment above, that I’d like to know what Cool Ranch Doritos Loaded taste like!

  5. Rebecca

    The 12 even preheated worked quite well for me. They were fully frozen from the start but worked out perfect in my oven!

  6. Bradford Kloha

    Where can I buy these,Wal-Mart in Saginaw,does not carry them.

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      Well this is disappointing. We have always been able to get them at Walmart, but now I’m seeing on their website that they might not be available anymore:

    2. Mago

      On beach at in Fort Worth

    3. Keri

      Kroger (King Soopers) sells them (Here in Colorado at least).

  7. Helen

    I was able to find these 1time at Walmart and loved them, now they don’t carry them any more, what the hell. So where can I find these

  8. April

    We just bought some yesterday at a Walmart express

  9. Sierra

    I just had these and they were disgusting. But reading all these comments makes me wonder. I was at college when I bought them not realizing they had to be cooked in the oven. So I brought them home (4hrs away, in a cooler full of ice). When I got home the box was soaked. Maybe that had a part to play in them not tasting good. Idk. I would not recommend these at all.

    1. Ron Jeremy

      Well . No shit Sherlock . Of course them getting wet is gonna fuck em up .

  10. jason

    Don’t over cook them 10 mins does the trick and they won’t bust open

  11. Maureen

    I just found these in Walmart Neighborhood Market in Clearwater, FL.
    They were very crunchy and cheesy. Detectable Doritos flavor, although it would have been better to be stronger flavor. Cooked 11 minutes in toaster oven (as per directions on package) and they turned out perfectly cooked. I think I like regular Doritos chips better, but these were nice for a change.

  12. Drew kahn

    what happens if you stuck them in the microwave anyhow?

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      No idea. We didn’t microwave them. If you try it, let us know.

    2. Joseph M Kreifels

      I stuck them in the microwave with a paper towel covering them. I cooked 3 for 1 minute they seem to have come out just fine I have a 1100 watt microwave

      It’s just breaded cheese. I think the reason they say not to microwave it is because they list eggs in the ingredients. If you’re not over cautious you should have no problem cooking them in the microwave.

  13. Carl

    I put these in the microwave, anyway. Just put them in for a minute, and halfway through, flip ’em over!

  14. Dan O'Sullivan.

    There’s is no Dorito taste whatsoever in the Jalapeño. I guess I was hoping for something similar to the taste of the Taco Bell Dorito shells. These Dorito Loaded frozen snacks don’t even come close!

  15. Anonymous

    These now come in cool ranch

  16. BJ

    SAMs Club–Big box of 49 pcs for about $12. Good Super Bowl appetizer with both marinara & Ranch dipping sauces — might delight the Cool Ranch fans! Box says to bake ONLY 8 at a time, 450 degrees for 10 minutes on a large baking sheet! Odd–What difference would it make how many you bake together in the oven??

  17. moon ronne

    My Grandson just loves Doritos, so I thought wow he will just love these. WRONG, he didn’t care for them at all, and I really don’t care for them. The problem is that I bought them at SAM’S and have quite a big box of them. Does anyone have an idea what I could make to use them.

    1. brandi

      take them back to sams. tell them they were freezerburnt

    2. Keri

      Crush them up in a food processor and then coat some boneless/skinless chicken with them. Bake them in the oven on a non-stick pan.

  18. Adam

    So I just tried the Jalapeno flavor and well BLAH. I’m not sure who these would market too. Too much heat for someone that despises spicy food and not enough “flavor” for me. The breadcrumbs were too mild, there wasn’t enough cheese inside, and the small portion of jalapenos couldn’t compensate for the lack of flavor. Even after applying a heavy portion of Ranch dressing I didn’t enjoy this product.

  19. brandi

    really good. im eating them right now. didnt expect them to be this good. only 10 minutes on my package and got the jalapeno cheese ones.

  20. Mary

    I love Nacho Cheese Doritos, and I love Doritos Nacho Cheese Tacos from Taco Bell. Naturally I thought I’d love Doritos Loaded. Instead I hate them and am never buying them again. They’re not very crispy on the outside like a Dorito and would probably taste better deep fried. There’s hardly any Doritos seasoning on the outside. It doesn’t have the signature Dorito taste. It tastes like a cheap pizza roll.

    On the inside the gooey cheese is lumpy, fake, and sour. I can’t believe they have the nerve to charge $5.00 for 8 pieces. If they’re going to use fake cheese, I’d prefer something smooth, sweet and creamy like Velveeta.

    If you like Goldfish cheese crackers maybe you’ll like this cheese. I suggest you try a sample before you buy a whole box because the cheese isn’t something everyone would like.

  21. Keri

    Try cooking them in a George Foreman Grill/Panini Press appliance for faster cooking. 5 Mins approx. compared to the 10-12.

  22. Keri

    Microwaving them isn’t recommended as they turn to one big soggy mess….not crispy like intended. That’s why the company doesn’t want you to microwave them. Some people would probably do just that and then complain to the company, demanding a refund. You know how some people are these days. LOL 😉

  23. Ken D.

    Sorry big Fail

  24. Lisa

    I’m so mad that they stop making them!! Love them! They got to bring them back soon!how do we get them to bring them back!? It goes good for friends party,watch tv,anything! Please help bring them back soon.

  25. Sumathi Nallamothula

    Would like to have this item back please:(

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