Review: Chicken Pot Pie Hot Pockets (New/Limited Edition)

Hot Pockets are cool.  Or hot.  What?  We don’t know what is going on…

You already know that we like Hot Pockets.  We talked about them in our review of the Hot Pockets Snack Bites.

So, as we often do, we were browsing through the aisles of the grocery store looking for something to review for you, our readers.  We always check out the Hot Pockets section.  And we came across the new Chicken Pot Pie Hot Pockets.  It didn’t take long for us to decide what our next review would be.

Hot Pockets are good day or night, and are really awesome as drunk food.  Not that we drink or anything.  Herman and Denny love chicken pot pies, too.  We were sold on these before we bought them.  If that makes sense.

Rather than repeat what these are, take a look at the picture below:


So we opened the box…

IMG_20151020_155601765As usual, each Hot Pocket is wrapped individually with a crisping pocket to cook them in.

IMG_20151020_155647396Now we are ready to go…

Check out the cooking directions:

IMG_20151020_155741752Microwaving is obviously the preferred method of cooking.  The microwave directions dominate.  Plus, take a good look at the oven directions.  These need to be cooked for 28 minutes in an oven!!!  What???!!  No, thanks!!  Microwave it is!!  Fewd Snobs are hungry!

2 minutes to cook, and 2 minutes to stand and there you have it:

IMG_20151020_155928927Removed from the sleeve:

IMG_20151020_160110833Right off, notice that not much of the filling exploded (HO HO!) out of the Hot Pocket.  This is a good sign.  The Hot Pocket was indeed HOT.  Seriously, people, wait the 2 minutes that the package says to wait before eating these.  They will STILL be piping hot after the 2 minutes.

IMG_20151020_160148432Check out the filling above.  Chunks of chicken are visible, along with carrots.  There is plenty of gravy, also.  Here is another shot of the filling:

IMG_20151020_160434982Here you can see other veggies.  There are also peas in the filling.

It is hard to portray in the pictures just how much filling is in these.  There is actually plenty of filling.  No, it isn’t as much as the picture on the box shows.  But that is always the case (and we have discussed this many times).  It is never going to look like the picture.  So be it.  That said, again, there is plenty of filling.

The Hot Pockets website says that these are, “Made with white meat chicken, carrots, peas, onions, & celery in a flaky crust.”  We did detect all of these ingredients in the Hot Pocket.  Imagine that!

The crust is the standard Hot Pockets crust.  It is kind of flaky, as you can see in the pics.  The crust gets a slight brown to it from being cooked in the sleeve.  All of this is a good thing.  We like the regular Hot Pockets crust.  It has a good flavor, it isn’t too heavy, and it crisps up nicely even when cooked in the microwave.  The crust passes our test.

The filling tastes like chicken pot pie.  That’s the bottom line, people.  It really is like a chicken pot pie put into a Hot Pockets crust.  The flavor is great.

The chicken is all white meat.  There was a generous portion of chicken in the Hot Pocket.  The veggies were plentiful.  They were tasty, too.  Each veggie is identifiable, and adds to the overall good taste.  There is plenty of gravy, also.  It is thick enough; it isn’t runny.  It didn’t ooze out of the Hot Pocket with the exception of the ONE small spot.  The color is bright yellow, and looks rather artificial.  But, it tastes fantastic.

If we have only ONE bitch about these, it is that they are kind of small.  We swear that we remember Hot Pockets being bigger in the past.  Like everything, the size goes down and the price goes up.  This can’t be singled out to Hot Pockets though, so we can only bitch so much.

A box of two of these ran us $2.29.  That isn’t a bad price for two.  Again, we wish they were bigger.  But overall, we don’t mind the price considering how good they are.

We REALLY like these Hot Pockets.  We think that this is a genius mix.  It makes perfect sense to use a Hot Pocket crust to make a chicken pot pie.  Why did nobody ever think of this before?

Go buy some right now.  Buy us some, too.  We take donations.  You’ll thank us.