Review: Cheez-It Crunch’d Hot & Spicy Puffs (New)

Junk Fewd like Cheez-Its always rank high on our list.  Can you imagine why??

So you might imagine how when Herman found himself going through the grocery store and he came upon these, he decided we must try and review them.  How can we not?  You will recall our love of Tabasco.  Must try.

We all know what regular Cheez-Its are, so we won’t bore you with details.  These are different in that they are puffs, not crackers.  Interestingly, the word “puffs” doesn’t appear on the bag, but it does on the Cheeze-It website.  These are marked as “Hot & Spicy,” and there is a picture of a bottle of Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce.  Recall that the green Tabasco is considered a milder form of Tabasco, and it is flavored with Jalapenos.  The Fewd Snobs love Cheeze-Its, cheese puffs, and Tabasco, so we figured that these were a given.  What could go wrong?

IMG_20150428_223137523Denny’s Thoughts:  I was very disappointed in these.  I like regular Cheeze-Its.  They have a very strong and distinctive cheese flavor.  I expected that flavor here, but that is not what I got.  The flavor that hits first is a cheese flavor, but almost immediately the flavor changes into a rather dull, almost bitter taste.  It is not a pleasant flavor at all.  Then, the Tabasco hits.  The Tobasco flavor is VERY mild.  Too mild.  After I ate a good bunch of these, the heat builds.  But it barely tastes like the green Tabasco. Without knowing what the flavor was supposed to be, I wouldn’t be able to identify it as Tabasco.  Then, with every next bite I had to deal with the bitter and sour taste of the cheese.  I had a hand-full or two and was done with these.  Skip these.  Go with a bag of Cheetos Puffs, and sprinkle on some Tabasco sauce.  Or, get a bag of Cheeze-Its and add Tabasco.  You would get the desired effect, but it would actually taste good.  I would absolutely not get these again.  Done, yes done.

Herman’s Thoughts:  I have to agree with Denny on this one.  Very disappointed indeed.  I was expecting a much different taste here.  I think the cheese is much less prominent than in an actual Cheeze-It.  And the flavor of the cheese is definitely off.  Like a typical Cheeze-It, these are baked and do not have a powdery coating like some other cheese flavored snacks. But that said, they taste nothing alike.  And as Denny said, the Tabasco flavor is nowhere to be found, just a mild heat.  This is despite the list of ingredients actually including Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce.  I will not be buying these again.  There are much better options out there.

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  1. Bobby

    First of I would just like to say they are just nasty they don’t even tasted like cheezit and then they leave a Nasty after taste that you just can’t eat them anymore I only took two pieces and threw the rest away I could not bare that after taste I would never buy this thing again I’m glad they were only a dollar I would not spend anymore than that on them

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