Review: Campbell’s Fresh-Brewed Soup (Homestyle Chicken)

Herman learned of Campbell’s “Fresh Brewed Soup” somewhere online.  He doesn’t remember where.  Too much drinking will do that to you.

He then found them in the store and picked up a box.

We love K-CUPs.  We love Campbell’s soup.  So if you put them together, what could go wrong?  Read on.

First of all, Campbell’s is calling these “Fresh Brewed Soup.”  Cute, isn’t it?  You know, because it is BREWED in a Keurig machine.  HA HA HA HA HA!!  You get it, right??  Of course!

The K-CUPs come in two flavors:  Homestyle Chicken and Southwest Style.  For our review, we chose the more “normal” choice of Homestyle Chicken.

IMG_20151029_161117852We picked up the package of 2.

IMG_20151029_161434461Inside the box, we found two K-CUPs, and two noodle and vegetable mix packets.

IMG_20151029_161506118So, in order to make a cup of soup, we need a K-CUP, and a packet.  This is supposed to be better than needing a can, or maybe one of the Campbell’s bowls you can buy.  We don’t see how yet…

…and now we really don’t see how.  Check out the directions below:

IMG_20151029_161331052Let’s get this straight.  With a regular can of Campbell’s condensed soup, you dump the can in a bowl and add water.  Then you heat it.  This isn’t too tough.

Campbell’s also makes the little bowls you can buy that are ready to heat and eat.  Nothing to it.  And they can be had for pretty cheap when they are on sale.

With the “Fresh Brewed Soup,” Campbell’s and Keurig keep touting “convenience.”  See in the picture above??

Look at the directions!  You have to empty the packet, put in the K-CUP and brew it, and then let the soup stand.

Yes, yes, we know.  This isn’t hard!  OK.  Sure.  BUT, take a look at what is on the SIDE of the box…

IMG_20151105_161115095Take a good look there, people.  You have to run a dummy cycle on your machine BEFORE AND AFTER making the soup!!  This makes sense because you certainly don’t want grounds in your soup, and you don’t want your next cup of coffee to taste like soup!

The real point here though is that this is NOT convenient!  Run a dummy cycle, empty your packet, brew the soup, and run another dummy cycle.  Consider this too…when you run your dummy cycle, you have to put the water into SOMETHING.  So you are dirtying another cup to do the cycle.  This is NOT convenient!  Or, you could just buy one of the bowls and nuke it!  What the hell are we missing here, people??  Please, tell us in the comments section below!

Also, if you are using this at work, have you ever actually looked at the Keurig machine in your break room??  We can pretty much guarantee it is disgusting.  ONE dummy cycle will NOT clean out the grounds, people.  UGH!

OK, we have established that these are NOT convenient like they are said to be.  Now, how about the actual soup?

IMG_20151029_161640523There you have the noodle and vegetable mix.

IMG_20151029_161717095There it is in a cup.  What does this look like to you?

IMG_20151029_161927153Above is the soup right after brewing.

IMG_20151029_162101528Above, we have the finished product after we let it stand.

Now, take a look at our “overexposed” picture below:

IMG_20151029_162317968We intentionally overexposed the pic to show you the real color of the broth.  We were astounded.

When the soup was “brewing,” the color that came out of the K-CUP was pretty much a rusty brown.  It looked nasty.  Now, we realize that K-CUPs are always colored more heavily early in the brewing process.  This is especially true with the cups that are basically just a powder mix in the cup, as is the case here.  Nevertheless, this stuff truly looked NASTY!  Even after the soup was all brewed up and mixed, it STILL looked nasty, as illustrated in the pic above.  Chicken soup isn’t supposed to have a brown broth!  Yuck!

Finally, we are at the soup itself.  Ready for it??  It isn’t very good!!!  At all!!!

Let’s get this straight…this soup uses dried noodles and vegetables which are re-hydrated by the K-CUP.  Guess what??  The noodles and veggies don’t soften very much.  It is NOTHING like regular Campbell’s soup!  Regular Campbell’s soup is actually good.  Regular Campbell’s soup has SOFT noodles.  The regular soup also has CHICKEN in it!!  This “Fresh Brewed Soup” has no chicken!!  What the hell??  The bottom line is that the soup is not very good, and it is NOTHING like regular Campbell’s soup.

Finally, we will reveal the truth.  What is this “Fresh Brewed Soup” actually like??  Ready for it?????

It is like Lipton Cup-a-Soup!!!

Cup-a-Soup is nothing fancy.  It has the dried noodles and stuff, too.  But you know what you get with Cup-a-Soup.  It isn’t touted as “fresh brewed,” and backed by a coffee company.  It is what it is.

And where does this all really fit in?  Wait for it…

The price for a 2 pack of the “Fresh Brewed Soup” was $2.99!!!  And this was on SALE!!!!

OK.  Wait a minute.  A buck-fifty (or more if not on sale) for a small cup of shitty tasting soup.

For a package of four Cup-a-Soup packets, the cost is $1.18 at Walmart!!!  That’s 30 cents each.

Walmart has packages of six Campbell’s “Fresh Brewed Soup” for $6.94. That’s $1.16.

This is insane, people.  Absolutely insane.  If you want real convenience and the same taste at a cheaper price, dump your Cup-a-Soup in a cup and use your Keurig machine just for the hot water!!  Same thing for 30 cents!!  And, you don’t have to clean the machine after you use it!

Campbell’s “Fresh Brewed Soup” is a disaster.  It is a friggin’ joke.  It IS NOT good.  It is WAY too expensive.  It isn’t convenient at all.  This stuff is just a scam.  It is clearly aimed at people that have money to piss away.  This is for people with money who will buy it just because it has the Keurig name on it.  Just take a pass.  Go and get regular Campbell’s soup in a can or a bowl.  You get way more food for the money.  Or, get Cup-a-Soup which is the same thing at way less of a cost.

There is nothing wrong with Campbell’s soup.  There is nothing wrong with Keurig K-CUPs.  There is no advantage whatsoever to putting the two together, though.

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