Review: Burger King Fiery Chicken Fries (New/Limited Time Only)

Burger King is promoting the hell out of its new Fiery Chicken Fries.  So, once again, as a service to our readers, off to BK we went.

For those that are not familiar…Burger King has had the regular Chicken Fries on and off for a while now.  Recently, the regular ones were brought back.  Essentially, a Burger King Chicken Fry is a chicken nugget that is shaped to look and appear like a regular french fry.  Interesting gimmick.  We say, “Sure, why not?”

It makes sense to do a spicy version.  It seems like every place has spicy chicken on the menu these days.  It will surely draw a ton of traffic to Burger King to try anyway.

We ordered the 9 piece Fiery Chicken Fries.  And this is where is starts to go to hell.  As usual.

We were not offered any sauce with the fries.  We had to ask if there were any sauces offered.  The woman taking the order rattled off the standards like BBQ, ranch, etc.  She never said anything about the Chicken Fries Sauce that is listed on the Burger King website.  Denny said, “I thought there was a sauce just for the Chicken Fries.”  The woman said nothing.  So, I guess no sauce for us.

The order came up, and our name was called.  We were getting drinks.  The woman just dropped the bag on the counter and left.  We waited for several minutes to get the attention of the 2 people behind the counter.  Both of them were chatting to each other, and with people cooking in the back.  Neither bothered to notice the two customers trying to get their attention.  Finally, after shooting up a friggin’ flare, the woman FINALLY bothered to acknowledge us.  At this point, Denny asked her specifically for the “Chicken Fries Sauce” (he looked it up on the website while waiting for the food to make sure he had the name right).  The woman said, “I don’t think we have that anymore.”  She then looked around, and said, “We don’t have any.”


Denny asked, “Are you just out, or does Burger King not make it anymore?” in an attempt to find out for you, our dear readers.  She said, “I don’t think they are making it anymore.”



The Chicken Fries have recently returned.  The Fiery Chicken Fries just arrived.  The website says that the sauce exists.  But she doesn’t think they make it anymore.

I should add that the entire staff at our test location was incompetent.  That is too nice, actually.  They were idiots.  And they made it clear they didn’t give a shit about the customers in the store.

Denny Comment:  Once again, I am pissed off from a fast food place before I even eat anything.

We didn’t want to test with a friggin’ BBQ sauce.  That would take away from the flavor.  These should be tested with the ACTUAL SAUCE MADE FOR THE THINGS!  UGH!  We realize fast food places don’t pay a lot, but really??  You don’t even know your product?  So tired of it.

So we go sauceless for the review.

And one more thing.  Yes, it is from July 10, but we found this on Burger King’s Facebook page:

bksauceSuddenly, though, they don’t make it anymore, eh??

We have a tweet out to Burger King to find out if that is really true.

Oh, that is another thing about the Burger King idiots that “served” us today.  Did you notice how the box is open in the feature image above?  That is how they were when we took them out of the bag.  Evidently, idiots that work for Burger King can’t even close a box correctly.


IMG_20150813_132139185The box says, “…smother with sauce.”  Well, we couldn’t smother with the sauce that is SUPPOSED to be coming with them.  What a sad little empty sauce container.

IMG_20150813_132200670Well, there they are in all their glory.

Burger King’s site describes these bastards as, “Made with white meat chicken, our Fiery Chicken Fries are hotter than ever coated in a blend of spicy cayenne pepper, black pepper and savory spices blended into a crispy breading and cooked to perfection.”

The fries are pretty red in color.  They clearly do look covered in cayenne and black pepper.

IMG_20150813_132248756There is the chicken.  You decide.  Looks like a nugget to us.  We realize that the picture isn’t focused on the chicken, but that is because Herman was drunk when he took the picture.  Sorry.

Finally, on to the flavor.  Herman says that they taste like a spicy chicken nugget, and he says it is as simple as that.  Denny mostly agrees.

The best way to describe the flavor is to compare it to some other places.  It is spicy like a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich.  It is NOT spicy like Popeyes or Chick-fil-A.  Both of those places seem to marinate the chicken in spices, and the breading is spicy.  The Chicken Fries at Burger King are spicy on the breading only.  The chicken is just plain.

There is some heat to the fries, and the black pepper flavor is definitely there.  But, we don’t think it is anywhere close to as “fiery” as BK is claiming.  The website claims they are, “Offensively Spicy.”  Um…no they’re not.

In terms of price, a 9 piece set us back $2.89.  That isn’t bad.  But it isn’t like 9 of these are going to come close to filling someone up.  They are a snack.

Herman’s Thoughts:  I guess my biggest beef (HO HO) with these is that they really aren’t that spectacular. They are a reshaped chicken nugget, nothing more. And for almost $3, with no sides, I don’t really think they’re worth it. I would much rather go get the Rip’n Chick’n from Popeyes. It’s a much better deal that includes fries and a biscuit, and it tastes a lot better. I guess it’s also worth mentioning that I am a little biased when it comes to Burger King. Let’s just say I had a bad experience there once. It involved a STOP sign. The cops came. It wasn’t pretty. Anyway, you get the idea. They taste fine, but they’re way overrated.

Denny’s Thoughts:  I am surprised at myself here, but I don’t really agree with Herman.  I actually liked these.  I didn’t think I would.  I don’t think they are ANYWHERE CLOSE to as spicy as they are being promoted, but they are still good.  There is some heat, yet it doesn’t blow me away.  I am getting too old for spicy, and that is probably part of this.  Spicy tears me up (damn old bastard!)  Example…that Popeyes we reviewed last week tore me up for days.  So, I don’t mind these fries not being too killer.  Plus, I just liked the flavor.  I do agree with Herman that they are too expensive for what you get.  9 pieces sounds like a lot.  But it really isn’t.  These are a snack, and kind of an expensive one.  That said, I do like them.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to get them, though.  And the lack of the sauce REALLY pissed me off.  I am so sick of incompetent service workers.  BK almost ALWAYS sucks when it comes to service.  Overall though, I am a fan of the Fiery Chicken Fries.

So there you have it, people.  We recommend giving them a try before they are gone.  And if you get to try, or have already tried the actual Chicken Fries Sauce, let us know in the comments section below!


  1. Sean

    Pretty much hit the nail on the head. They’re reshaped nuggets with the tiniest, tiniest, TINIEST kick.

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      They sure could use a little more kick. Thanks for the comment, Sean!

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