Review: Arby’s Roast Beef and Turkey Gyro (Limited Time Only)

Arby’s introduced its version of gyros about a year ago.  It is now back in some locations as a temporary item.

A little history on the gyro…although there is some debate, it is widely accepted that gyros sandwiches are Greek in origin.  They are popular in the U.S., especially in cities with a large Greek population.  For example, gyros can be had in almost every local hot dog place in the Chicagoland area.

For those of you that are not familiar, the sandwich typically consists of a lamb and beef mix of meat that is cooked on a rotating spit.  The meat is seared on the outside, and then sliced directly off of the rack.  The meat is placed on a pita bread with tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce.  Tzatziki sauce is yogurt based, and usually contains cucumbers and seasonings.  It is spread over the top of the meat and veggies.  Consistencies of the sauce vary.  There are also slight variances in the toppings of the sandwich.  For example, sometimes lettuce is used.  The variations are not “authentic,” however.

Finally, people do not know how to pronounce the name of the sandwich correctly.  It is pronounced like the word “hero,” but with a ‘y’ sound at the beginning.  It is pronounced “yeeros.”  A true Greek person will tell you it is pronounced with the ‘s’ on the end, regardless if singular or plural.  Most places drop the ‘s’ in the U.S.  And most places pronounce it “jyro.”  UGH!  We can pretty much guarantee that nobody at Arby’s will pronounce it right, so call it whatever you want.  In fact, if you order it pronouncing it correctly, the Arby’s worker will probably stare at you like you just landed.  But we digress…

Arby’s offers two versions of the sandwich.  One uses the regular roast beef as the meat.  The other uses turkey.  Arby’s website says that both versions come with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, tzatziki sauce, and Greek seasonings.

The first blaring thing we need to say about these sandwiches is that they are NOT authentic.  They are not authentic at ALL.  There is no lamb in sight.  Turkey is NEVER used on a real gyros (although you can find a version in authentic restaurants that uses chicken, but meh).  The only thing that resembles a true gyros sandwich is the tzatziki sauce, to which we do give Arby’s credit for using the real name, and not some kind of fake alternative.

Come to think of it, Arby’s roast beef itself isn’t traditional roast beef.  It is Arby’s take on roast beef.  So basically, we are taking an Arby’s version of something, and putting it on yet another Arby’s version of something.  Lost?  So are we!  We don’t know what the hell is going on here, but we usually don’t.  Time to have another beer…

Most Arby’s are offering 2 of these suckers for $6.  That’s not a bad price for two sandwiches, and this way a Fewd Snob can get one of each and not go broke.

Now that we have lost you with the background, let’s discuss the beef one, shall we?

IMG_20150423_172926387We have had these several times when they have been available, and the first thing to note is that the meat is NOT spread evenly.  Also notice that the seasoning is not spread evenly.  Sometimes, as in the pic above, the seasoning will all be in one place.  DO NOT make the mistake of biting into this glob of seasoning.  You will regret it.  We don’t know why it is so hard for the average Arby’s employee to spread out the meat and seasoning, so we just do it ourselves and the problem is solved.

IMG_20150423_173145436Despite the look of the picture, there is a decent amount of meat and veggies on the pita.  It just needs to be spread out.  One bitch we have for sure is that there is not enough tzatziki sauce at all.  There absolutely needs to be more.

Once you do Arby’s work for them and spread everything out, you end up with a pretty decent sandwich.

The Fewd Snobs agree that the flavor of the sandwich is quite good.  The most surprising aspect of the whole thing is that the tzatziki is actually good.  We did not expect this.  We both know what real tzatziki tastes like, and neither of us expected it to be good.  Or even halfway good.  It blends well, but there just needs to be more of it.

The pita is actually good, too.  It is exactly the same as you would find at a place in Chicago that specilizes in gyros.  Again, we didn’t expect this.

Probably the biggest thing to note here is that this isn’t authentic at all.  But nobody should expect that.  This is Arby’s version of the gyros.  Truth be told, Arby’s stuck to the traditional recipe for the most part, but substituted its own roast beef in for the lamb and beef mix.  The end result is basically a gyros sandwich with Arby’s beef.  And somehow, it truly is good.  You can’t walk in and order one of these expecting the “real thing.”  If you keep an open mind, and figure this is Arby’s version, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Speaking of not traditional…

IMG_20150423_173100752…the turkey version of Arby’s gyros is interesting.  There is certainly nothing authentic about this one.  With the beef, we guess you can argue that it is beef, and beef is closer to a real gyros than turkey.  Everything about it is the same as the beef, but with turkey (no kidding??).  The slices are of real turkey.  This is the kind Arby’s uses on its premium turkey sandwiches.  It has a very good, juicy texture and flavor.  The Greek seasoning compliments the flavor of the meat very well.  Generally, we have found the meat and seasonings on the turkey version to be more evenly distributed.  This makes no sense, but we have seen it over and over.

IMG_20150423_173124730The Fewd Snobs argree that the turkey version is better than the beef.  We kind of thought this would turn into a Fewd Fight!, but no such luck.  We both think the turkey sandwich has more flavor, and is juicier.  It is more satisfying overall.

Our collective thoughts are that these are excellent breaks from burgers and fries.  It is nice to see an option like this in a fast food place.  Even an attempt at an ethnic food such as gyros is cool to see.  The fact that it doesn’t completely suck is pretty cool, too.  And don’t let the pita thing fool you.  This is Fewd Snobs fewd.  This isn’t some healthy crap on a pita.  Douse anything in tzatziki sauce, and you have a Fewd Snob heaven.  Check these out while you can, and remember they only appear on a limited time basis.




  1. Tasha

    Hello my name is Tasha Washington and I would really appreciate it if u kept the turkey gyro BC it’s a great sandwich for goes who are trying to loose weight like myself. It’s not that many calories and it’s tasty. Everyone I recommend that you try it. Thanks

    1. Gwen

      Love turkey gyro

      1. June mccraw

        Me too is great my new favorite lunch.

  2. June mccraw

    I agree the gyro is a welcome break from all the other sandwiches out there I love both turkey and beef !!!please keep them

  3. Charlie

    I had the turkey Gyro, and today I had the traditional Gyro and man are these great sandwiches. Tomorrow I will try the third gyro the roast beef and post my thoughts.
    Arby’s needs to keep these sandwich selections they are seriously crazy good…


  4. heather rascher

    I find it very scary that you actually complemented the tzatziki sauce! Have you ever had tzatziki sauce? There is no way that what Arby’s serves is anything like it except that it’s white. That’s the only similarity.

    1. pete

      I really liked the sauce.

      1. terri emerson

        Sauce is the best…. I want more, where can i buy it?

    2. Matt R.

      It (the sauce) is definitely not traditional but it *is* very good. It is basically seasoned mayonnaise with buttermilk and cucumber juice in it. Tasty.

    3. Ray Clark

      Way to go Heather

  5. George A Manolatos

    Complete crap, a insulting fraudulent product.

    1. Darren

      What the hell does that even mean? Its not fraudulent. It clearly exists. It’s American-ized but real Greek food and restaurants are rare in many areas in the US. Get over yourself. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it or go to Greece for authentic food.

  6. Marietta Smith

    The best sandwich Arby’s has. I’d rather have this than Wendy’s.

  7. Lin

    Turkey gyro!!! My favorite sandwich over any other and over any other restaurant!Please keep it on the menu!

  8. Lin

    Turkey gyro!!! My favorite sandwich over any other and over any other restaurant!Please keep it on the menu!

  9. Cindy Bellwood

    Arby’s actually had the lamb beef meat and discontinued it just to leave the beef and turkey gyros which don’t taste like gyros at all. The gyros that I have had only have a lot of the cucumber sauce and sliced onions, not lettuce and tomatoes which makes it taste like a deli sandwich on pita bread. No they don’t use enough sauce so I ask for more on the side. They need to bottle it and sell it. If they would have kept the original meat and got rid of the lettuce and tomatoes and added more meat, I personally would have bought them weekly. I love real gyros. Since KY does not have any Gyros in my area I think they would have been a real winner.

    1. Irene MEGALOUDIS

      I agree… a gyro is a gyro so you can’t use meat that is not seared on a rotating spit and call it a “gyro”.
      And you are correct in that a gyro never has lettuce on it.

      Not sure why you like the sauce unless you are a mayo lover. It is NOT TZATZIKI!!

  10. Deedee

    I can eat the turkey gyro everyday delicious.

  11. Deb Held

    I Love the Turkey Gyro! I was craving it today!

  12. Lerdz

    These are pretty good even if they aren’t authentic. It’s a welcomed break from fast food burgers and chicken sandwiches. Our local Arby’s does however offer a third version with the gyro meat.

  13. justin hirsch nativeFLORIDIANmiamiaN

    arbys has the gyros and the reuben and the cuban and the smokehouse briskit and the meats!!!!! arbys is the #1 fast food sandwich maker!!!!

  14. Valerie

    The tzaktiki sauce smelled and tasted like vanilla pudding. YUCK Never again

  15. Gil

    I lived in Montreal with a huge Greek and Lebanese population. Their gyros are a real treat! Wholesome and tasty. I’ve have since moved to N.C. and folks here have no idea what they are. So when Arby’s started them on their menu I bought one only to expect a dry tasteless glob of “floor meat “ .. don’t be fooled! The tratziki sauce is an 8! And the pita is soft and very good… definitely try and enjoy this very popular worldwide snack!

    1. Irene MEGALOUDIS

      Just so you know, the sauce they are using is NOT TZATZIKI and doesn’t taste anything like TZATZIKI.

  16. Susan Ferko

    The Turkey gyros is my favorite fast food. Favorite!

  17. Renee

    We’ve had authentic gyros from Greek restaurants, made and served by Greek people and love them. Then along came Arby’s, offering three versions of gyros, and we were pleasantly surprised. We have only tried the traditional Greek version (but after reading these reviews I am going to try the turkey next time) and because we travel a bit we have had them at several Arby’s locations and they are not all the same. A few times we have been disappointed so now we only buy them locally.

  18. Irene MEGALOUDIS

    First of all, I would like to commend Arby’s for adding a Greek item to their menu. However…

    As a Greek who knows how to make TZATZIKI, I must comment on the sauce used by Arby’s… It is NOT TZATZIKI!! Tzatziki is yogurt based and NOT mayonnaise based! They need to stop marketing it as such.

    Also, all “yeeros” are Greek. Meat that is not carved from a rotating searing mechanism (thus the name “yeero”), cannot and should not be called a “yeero”.

  19. Matt Arthur

    tried my first sandwich today it was good would buy again but I will do the same thing I don’t usually like sauces on the sandwich I like them on the side so thankfully asked for the tzatziki sauce on the side…if you like mayo I guess it would be good going by other comments but I was so thankful I didn’t have to not eat I thought it was awful tasted mostly of mayo which I hate next time I will just ask for a packet of the sour cream they use for their baked potatoes and I didn’t see not even a tiny bit of cucumber

  20. Christy M Washut

    Love love love the turkey gyro drive 30 miles to get it


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