Introducing: The Fewd Snobs!

Fewd Snobs is more than just a review site. It’s a place to go to read about real freaking food!
There will be articles. There will be reviews. There will ALSO be rants, opinions, and good old fashioned drunk food!

What you won’t find here is a “five star rating” to a fancy place. You won’t see glowing reviews for food that actually sucks. You will NEVER see the words “gluten free,” “organic,” “GMOs,” or “delish.”

Us “snobs” are obsessed with “fewd.”  REAL food. Meaning anything from a hot dog to a ribeye. “Fewd” is NOT Coq au Vin or caviar. The modern fancy restaurant down the street has a new antipasto? You will sooner see us write about a $3 frozen pizza. This goes for drinks too. To a “fewd snob,” a drink is an ice cold Budweiser, NOT some wine that was bottled when MTV still had music!

The other thing that sets us apart is that we aren’t located on the east or west coast where the foodies are.  We are located in Wichita, Kansas.  Most of what you see here is national, but there will be some local stuff too.

Here’s what you will see:

Reviews:  Reviews of all things fewd, with a little of our brand of “snob” attitude thrown in for good measure!
Articles:  In-depth looks at fewd things that we and our readers will be interested in.
Fewd Bites:  Short blurbs about fewd stuff.  Not an article, but shorter than a full review.
Fewd Fight:  When the snobs disagree completely on something, it’s a Fewd Fight!

About the Fewd Snobs:
The Fewd Snobs are Denny Blye and Herman Crane. They live in Wichita, Kansas.
Denny and Herman’s interests and favorite hobbies include…aw…screw it. Denny smokes like a chimney, and Herman is a borderline alcoholic! They both had jobs that sucked, and the only escape was what was for lunch that day. When they went to lunch, they realized they were talking about the food. Kind of like a review. It got to the point where they were reviewing a burger on the value menu like it was a steak dinner. Fewd Snobs was born.

To put it bluntly, they are two schmucks that still laugh at the word “sausage.”

They hope you will be entertained.


  1. Paula

    Wow! I didn’t know you were in Wichita KS!! I was born and raised in Hutch but moved to Wichita with my parents right after HS graduation and lived there for 20yrs before i moved to Ohio and got married! I still come home every year to see family and can’t wait to hit up my fave foodie spots…gimmee some o dat Bionic Burger and Greasy Fries, or Dog N shake Cherry Limeades, Onion Rings and Cheeseburgers that have mustard, onion and relish. Ahhh…I can only get them back home! I even worked with a fellow at Target for years named Herman Caine…thats not you is it??? Well, gotta go, i got some reading up here to catch up on!! Hey…have you ever eaten at Taco Hut out on 30th st. in Hutch? Its like my fave “fake” mexican food anywhere!! Give it a try…you either love it or hate it. I trust you can be objective and see that it is Just a little hole in the wall, fast food mexican place, but enjoy it just the same. Let me know what you think!

    1. Fewd Snobs (Post author)

      That is really cool, Paula, that you are a former Kansan and Wichitan! Glad to see you get to come back to Wichita to get some good Wichita fewd. To answer your question, Herman is not the Herman you knew at Target. He has never worked there. Also, neither of us have ever eaten at Taco Hut in Hutch. We don’t get out there that often. But, if we do, we will stop there and tell them Paula sent us! We love hole in the wall places, and we will definitely give it an objective review! Thanks again, Paula.

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