Fewd Bite: Tabasco Pepper Sauce and Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce

For our first Fewd Bite, we have Tabasco.  Tabasco now has many different flavors available.  We are focusing on the original Tabasco Pepper Sauce and Green Pepper Sauce.  I think we can agree, both are awesome, but very different.  If you are looking to add a little zip to your fewd, this stuff is perfect!

The original has that spicy, acidic flavor along with a decent amount of heat.  The more mild, green Tabasco has a unique pepper flavor.  Both go great on anything from pizza to eggs.  Hell, we bet if you put it on cardboard it would taste amazing!

Denny’s Thoughts:  First of all, I can’t stand vinegar.  Vinegar reminds me of Easter eggs.  There’s nothing wrong with Easter eggs, but I don’t want my food to taste like how they smell.  And the funny thing is, the original Tabasco has a strong vinegar taste.  Yet, there’s something about the taste of the pepper that makes the vinegar not bad.  In fact, it’s great.  I don’t get it.  I never have.  But Tabasco is good on everything.  It has a “burn” that builds.  You won’t realize it right away.  What I like most is that it isn’t just “hot.”  It has a good, strong flavor too.  The jalapeno Tabasco, labeled “Green Pepper Sauce,” is equally excellent, but different.  It doesn’t have the strong “burn” of the original, but it adds a great flavor to whatever it is put on.  Both are perfect add-ons to whatever you are eating.

Herman’s Thoughts:  Anything that doesn’t have to be refrigerated, yet has a shelf-life of two and a half years (AND still tastes awesome) should be considered sorcery, and I think Tabasco qualifies.  It is simply amazing.

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