Fewd Bite: Arby’s Buffalo Chicken Slider (New/Limited Time Only)

Seems like it has been a while since we did a Fewd Bite. What are those? We don’t remember either. Too much alcohol over the last year…

Arby’s has added a new Slider to the menu. If you recall (assuming you aren’t a drunk like us!), Arby’s introduced its Sliders last year. We did a review on all of them. Refresh yourself here.

The new addition is the Buffalo Chicken Slider. How original!

IMG_20160526_131519The new sandwich has been added to the menu for a limited time only. This, despite the other Sliders being regularly available.

Interesting move, considering the fact that buffalo sauce/wings/whatever have been so popular for so long. It seems like every place has some kind of buffalo thing on the menu. We’re not marketing experts (isn’t THAT obvious!?) so maybe there is some reason for the limited time deal that we don’t know about.

Arby’s website describes it as, “A crispy chicken tender dipped in spicy buffalo sauce and topped with Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch.”

Another interesting choice. No blue cheese here. No regular ranch. Nope. Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch! An aristocrat!

OK, we’ll play along.

So, we ordered one up like good little Fewd Snobs…wait…what?

IMG_20160531_121720Not quite like the professional picture, but not horrible, right???

Right off, you gotta notice how the chicken actually kind of sticks out of the bun. This is a hell of a lot better than the chicken in our other review. At least there is actually some chicken on this slider.

IMG_20160531_121841There is a TON of buffalo sauce on this thing, people. Also notice the Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch! Yummay!

IMG_20160531_121857Take a good look, people.

We didn’t cut it in half. Because we just didn’t. So there!

The pictures show that there is no shortage of buffalo sauce, as we mentioned. You be the judge if it looks good or not. And does the ranch look appetizing? Again, you be the judge!

The buffalo sauce is pretty standard stuff. It tastes like any typical buffalo sauce. And that’s it. It is a medium heat standard buffalo sauce. Fascinating!

The Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch was pretty strong. It had a strong herb ranch flavor. We guess it must be the peppercorns. The truth is, we didn’t know what kind of sauce it was ahead of time. We guessed it was a blue cheese! Once we saw what it actually is, we suppose we can tell it is a peppercorn ranch. We didn’t taste Parmesan AT ALL. Once again, detectives we ain’t! But, we did like the ranch. It was good, regardless of what we tasted. Does that make sense? No? Have another drink…

The chicken is Arby’s typical chicken strip. You either like it or you don’t.

The bun is the same as the other Sliders.

Overall, the flavors blended well. If you like buffalo, you’ll like this.

The little bastard ran us $1.50. The value is decent. It’s a little sandwich for a buck and a half.

Would we get it again? Herman would consider it if he were in the mood. He generally likes buffalo wings, you may recall. Denny probably wouldn’t get it again, because he isn’t really a fan of buffalo sauce.

The bottom line is that this is a solid addition to the Sliders at Arby’s. We’re surprised this one wasn’t there all along. We can see it getting added to the menu permanently.

If you like buffalo sauce, go for it.