Limited Time Only

Review: Pizza Hut Big Flavor Dipper Pizza (Limited Time Only)

We saw an ad in the weekly coupon mailer for the new Big Flavor Dipper Pizza at Pizza Hut.  Naturally, we had to try it right away.  Pizza is what a Fewd Snob is all about, after all. Pizza Hut is offering a deal where you can get a 1 topping Dipper Pizza with a free Pepsi products 2-liter if you order online for $12.99.  Pizza Hut advertises that the pizza is almost 2 feet.  It is cut into 24 strips.  All of this sounded good to us, so off to we went. We ordered ours with half pepperoni…
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Review: Arby’s Roast Beef and Turkey Gyro (Limited Time Only)

Arby’s introduced its version of gyros about a year ago.  It is now back in some locations as a temporary item. A little history on the gyro…although there is some debate, it is widely accepted that gyros sandwiches are Greek in origin.  They are popular in the U.S., especially in cities with a large Greek population.  For example, gyros can be had in almost every local hot dog place in the Chicagoland area. For those of you that are not familiar, the sandwich typically consists of a lamb and beef mix of meat that is cooked on a rotating spit. …
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Review: Subway Gouda Club (Limited Time Only)

Subway has a couple of new sandwiches, although they appear to be in the testing phase.  The sign in our store calls it the “Smoked Gouda Collection.”  Both sandwiches are made with a Gouda spread.  One is a Gouda Roast Beef and the other is a Gouda Club. These sandwiches are not shown on the Subway website.  We asked the “sandwich artist” that made our fewd if Wichita is a test market for the sandwiches.  She was not aware that these were not on the website.  At the time of this writing, we have an email out to Subway to…
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