Article: Mountain Dew 1.5 Liter Bottles Shrunk

Denny here.  Hello, people!

I am a big fan of Mountain Dew.  These days, I don’t drink much soda (or pop, depending on where in the country you are!)  But, I still have a weakness for Dew.

For years, I have been trying to figure out just what Mountain Dew is supposed to be.  It is a citrus drink, evidently.  But I don’t really think it tastes like citrus.  I think more of Squirt when I think citrus soda.  Mountain Dew is kind of its own thing.  Just like Dr. Pepper is its own thing.

According to Wikipedia, the main competition for Mountain Dew is Mello Yello and Sun Drop.  To this, I say meh.  Those sodas suck.

In any case, this isn’t a history lesson, so I will move on.  I like Mountain Dew.  There you have it.

Soda prices have gotten out of control in recent times, as far as I am concerned.  I cannot believe what it costs for a case of pop.  The bottles are expensive, too.  So what is a broke Fewd Snob to do?  I often buy 2 liters.  I can get them on sale for pretty cheap.

When they aren’t on sale though, my next go-to choice was the 1.5 liter of Dew.  In my area, they usually went for a buck.  You can’t beat it.  Sure, they aren’t cold.  But am I going to pay $1.79 for a 20oz cold Dew, or a buck for 1.5 liters?  You get the idea.

I went to the store for my Dew fix recently, and what did I see?  I DIDN’T see my 1.5 liters.  Nope.  I saw this…

IMG_20151203_122223367Yeah, you already saw it in the feature image.  Pretend you didn’t.

“What’s the big deal, Denny?”  Take a closer look…

IMG_20151203_122236577That says 1.25 liter.  They made it smaller.

If it isn’t bad enough that I am losing .25 liter of precious Dew, the price is still a buck!!

OK, I realize there are bigger problems out there.  And I realize that prices go up and product size shrinks.  But, it still pisses me off.  There is just no logical reason for this other than to get more money from a nation that is already broke.  Really, PepsiCo?  You don’t have enough money?  You aren’t making enough money?  Doubt it.

These companies screw consumers at every turn just to squeeze out every bit of money they can.  And that is damn annoying.

And guess what?  I am still going to drink Mountain Dew!  So, I’ll pay the price for less product like an idiot.  And so will everybody else.  And that is why they get away with it.

Touche, PepsiCo.  You win this time.


  1. JimmyMcGill

    Its because they know that Coke had 1.25 going the whole time that pepsi was doing 1.5’s. So when they switched, coke would no longer make an extra dollar more than them after they both sell 5 bottles.
    Coke_7bottles*1.25L=8.75L for $7
    Pepsi_6bottles*1.5L=9L for $6

    Coke was making $1 more by selling .25 liters less than Pepsi.

    Capitalism in its purest form 😉

    1. JimmyMcGill

      Ok…. Thats confusing in hindsight. Basically what I meant was that for the exact same volume of beverage for both companies, Coke was making 6 bottles($6), while Pepsi was making 5 bottles($5) for the same amount of product.

  2. FlintCoal

    Nah you made perfect sense boi.

  3. Scott Steele

    I just called my local kroger who stopped stocking them. He called Pepsi and they no longer are making the Diet Mt Dew 1.25 liter drinks. i said the gas stations have them, but the pepsi guy said he cant get them GO FIGURE~!

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