Monthly Archive: July 2016

Review: Popeyes $5 Boneless Wing Bash (New/Limited Time Only)

As we have said in past articles, chicken wings are a big thing. And they have been for years. Why buy whole pieces of chicken when you can gnaw on little bitty wings? Makes sense, right?? If it makes sense or not is really irrelevant. They are popular, and sell by the ton. We wish we would have thought of selling small wings and made a fortune. We would have more money for beer, and wouldn’t have to be writing these articles all day! Um…we mean…we like writing articles all day for you, our dear readers! Anyway, wings are a…
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Review: Starbucks Affogato-style Frappuccino (New/Limited Time Only)

It’s hot as hell in Kansas. There’s a pretty good chance it’s hot as hell wherever you are right now. It is July, after all. And if we get through this, then we get to look forward to August! OH MY! So what is an overheating Fewd Snob to do? Typically, we would reach for a beer. But, let’s be realistic for just one minute. Even a Fewd Snob can’t drink booze every minute of the day. Sometimes (not all the time) you have to take a break and dry out. Or, at least drive to the store to get…
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Review: Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoned Crinkle Cut Fries (New)

Ranch dressing. This stuff has taken over. People put it on everything. From fries to pizza to burgers, ranch is the “go to” dressing. And what’s not to love? The stuff has a nice, even flavor that goes well with just about anything. It also seems that there are millions of brands of ranch. As far as we are concerned, there is only ONE ranch brand that matters. HIdden Valley. Yes, Hidden Valley is the original and the best. The flavor is just better than other brands. Put Hidden Valley up against Kraft. Go ahead. It won’t take long to…
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