Monthly Archive: June 2016

Review: Popeyes Magnolia Blossom Chicken (New/Limited Time Only)

If we were important people, and we were in charge of new menu items for a major restaurant chain, how would we come up with our next new thing? Maybe smoke a little weed. Get a little high. And then, what would pop into our minds? “Flowers, man! Look at all the pretty flowers! Let’s make chicken that looks like flowers, man!” Well, that is NOT what we would do. But evidently, that’s exactly what the powers that be at Popeyes did. You see, Popeyes sells Louisiana chicken. So, it is must be a given that Popeyes would sell chicken…
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Oh Hell No! Burger King Whopperrito (And Why BK Sucks, Too!)

It should come as no surprise that out of our first three “Oh Hell No!” features, two of them are from Burger King. Let’s make this very clear. Burger King sucks. There you have it. Once upon a time, we remember Burger King being good. But that ship sailed long ago, people. For what seems like forever, BK has simply sucked. It focuses on endless stupid novelty menu items, and forgets the core menu. Had a Whopper lately? Is there actually any meat on those things? Nope. At this point, we are done with Burger King. After our last experience…
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Review: Totino’s Bacon & Pepperoni Pizza Rolls (New)

Hell yeah! Totino’s has a new kind of pizza rolls! Pizza rolls were designed for Fewd Snobs. What is not to love?? Pizza goodness wrapped up in a crust that kicks ass. There is nothing not good here. Plus, they are drunk food perfection. All of you drunks KNOW you eat pizza rolls! We always have the freezer stocked with Totino’s pizza rolls. Our standard types are the Supreme or Combination. As far as we are concerned, there is only ONE type of pizza rolls. Totino’s. All others suck, so don’t bother. Again, all of you drunks KNOW what it…
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